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2023-2024 First Annual Banquet

Impact Microfinance Global hosted its First Annual Banquet on April 7th, 2024! Here, both new and current members engaged in informative events such as Leadership Board elections, the Induction Ceremony, and a discussion with a guest speaker.


Leadership Board Elections

Prospective Leadership Board members recited a 1-3 minute speech at Impact Microfinance Global's First Annual Banquet. "Speaking in front of everyone at the event was an incredible experience. It was truly amazing to speak in front of such a great group of people", said Sophia H.

After everyone's speeches, all members were given ballots to vote. The 2024-2025 Leadership Board was revealed shortly after. "I was excited to see others obtain a higher level of leadership at IMFG; it shows how much everyone cares about the issue we are trying to solve", said Ellie R.

Guest Speaker Event

Impact Microfinance Global was so excited to welcome the Interim Dean of the Miami Herbert Business School to their banquet! After listening to Professor Olazabal speak, members were encouraged to have a discussion and ask questions. "Hearing from the professor helped me learn about micro loans and how they can really impact people’s lives. It was very helpful and I enjoyed listening to such a knowledgeable person speak about this topic" said Andrea P. 


Induction Ceremony

My name is Alexa Young

The Induction Ceremony was where "new members" would transition to "current members", beginning their impact on the world. After the ceremony, now current member, Ellie D, stated, "The banquet was extremely informative; it was so inspiring to learn where the funds we raise are being loaned and who they’re helping. It was a reminder that even small "micro" loans can make such a big impact on someone’s life; I’m grateful to be a part of it". 

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